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Avons-nous besoin de suppléments de vitamine D ?

Nombreux sont les facteurs qui augmentent les besoins en vitamine D : Vivre sous une latitude de 35° – 37°, consommer une quantité insuffisante d’aliments riches en vitamine D, s’entraîner principalement à l’intérieur, s’entraîner dehors, mais tôt le matin ou tard le soir, porter des vêtements qui recouvrent tout le corps, utiliser des crèmes solaires avec FPS élevé.


Can caffeine help you perform better?

Today, we will be talking about the real stuff. We will be discussing performance. Because yes, your coffee can help you do much more than just lessen the struggle of getting your eyeballs open in the morning. An area where caffeine is particularly valuable is for endurance sports, or those that demand a sustained intensity for a long duration. Running, cycling and long-distance swimming are prime examples endurance efforts.


Caffeine In Sports : The Origin Story

Fun fact : coffee is not the beverage from which caffeine was first used in sports nutrition. Its history is rather linked to carbonated water! Towards the 1700s, carbonated water was sold in pharmacies because it had, according to the beliefs at the time, health promoting properties. All pieces of the puzzle came together during the 1800s when American pharmacists started adding medicinal herbs and flavor enhancers to their carbonated waters. One of these herbs was the cola nut, and the other, cocaine.